Honeywell CT30 XP - handdator

Android 11 eller senare - 64 GB - 5.5"
Lagerstatus: 100+ i lager
Tillverkare Honeywell
Artikelnr CT30P-X0N-37D10DG
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    The Honeywell CT30 XP is a durable, all-purpose business tool offering ultrareliable data access and communications for frontline mobile workers. The CT30 XP combines the elegant design and usability of a high-end mobile phone without compromising the durability, manageability or business functionality serious businesses depend on. Combined with powerful Honeywell software such as Operational Intelligence, Smart Talk unified communications and Smart Pay contactless payment, the CT30 XP is an ideal platform on which users in retail, healthcare and delivery can build effective solutions.

    Based on the Mobility Edge platform, the CT30 XP is designed for businesses that invest in powerful solutions to gain competitive advantage. The Mobility Edge platform is a durable, stable, secure foundation on which to build these solutions. The platform enables a longer productive life, superior security, optimized performance, and accelerated deployments. Combined with the powerful, cloudbased, Operational Intelligence asset optimization solution, IT leaders can empower operations with competitive advantage, high productivity and low TCO, all with a user experience that keeps frontline workers productive and engaged. Users will appreciate the design of the CT30 XP, which packs a vivid, 5.5-inch (14 cm), full-high-definition (FHD) screen into a slim, lightweight, yet durable package. Gentle curves meet the aesthetic demands of customer-facing, top tier retail and hospitality environments while making the device easy to hold and hard to drop.

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