Zebra MC3300x - handdator

Android 10 - 32 GB - 4"
Lagerstatus: 12 i lager Inkommande 230st Förväntad 2021-03-11
Tillverkare Zebra Technologies
Artikelnr MC330L-SJ2EG4RW
  • 11 074 SEK
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    Introducing the next evolution of the highly successful MC3000 family of keypad/touch mobile computers, packed with features to tackle the ever increasing requirements of today's on-demand, e-commerce driven economy. You get the same proven fit-for-purpose ergonomic design, now with Zebra's powerful and secure Android architecture, including an extended range scanning option that captures barcodes on the top of your warehouse racks with ease, and a 35% larger capacity battery packs power for up to three shifts. All rugged specifications are higher for increased reliability - drop, tumble and sealing. And with the bright touch display, multiple keypad options and four form factor options, you can give your workers a device that will make on-the-job data capture easier than ever. Improve workforce productivity and efficiency from the manufacturing shop floor to the warehouse in your facility with the MC3300x - only from Zebra.

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