Datalogic Service Plus 5-Day Program

Utökat serviceavtal - material och tillverkning - 5 år - retur - reparationstid: 5 arbetsdagar - för P/N: PD8330, PD8330-K1, PD8330-K2, PD8330-K3, PD8330-USB, PD8340-C028
Lagerstatus: Beställningsvara
Tillverkare Datalogic
Artikelnr E-PD83-5
  • 512 SEK
  • Information
    • Five-day repair
    • Return to factory standards
    • Includes factory upgrades
    • Includes delivery costs
    Datalogic designed and manufactured the products you are using, and is uniquely qualified to provide life-cycle maintenance that will ensure the value of your data capture investment. Because of Datalogic Scanning's ability to service a product under a variety of programs, customers can be assured of receiving the service they require.

    Datalogic Scanning's life-cycle maintenance programs are continuously ranked above the industry norm. End-users, channel partners, distributors and resellers all rated Datalogic Scanning's service capabilities as easier to work with and quicker in response time.

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